The Human Condition



The artist painted this in the nude


or maybe summoned it in her sleep. Perhaps, woke

to the miracle of it and pawed at the fog of her morning eyes

like Dorian Gray, then

put on pajamas and made herself coffee.


Or maybe

the artist is a man

and his dining room view of New Jersey natural gas silos

forsook his granola Woodstock aesthetic.

He covers the scene, but should’ve known

tonight’s dinner date is old school eastern block:

Poland or Lithuania,

who might’ve been fond of an oversized silver thermos burning at the top,

shoved into the earth

like Michael Jackson’s dirty shoes.


Don’t be obvious.  Framed

by virtue of feeling like a secret,

of course a murder comes to mind if you’re American

before we have enough clues.

So please

don’t picture a stick figure hangman strung up by the slightest dash of black:

paint brushes swung from dry branches, if the space

left by the painting

inside the painting is what’s real.


It isn’t.


A friend of a friend has been there and back again

and has it on good knowledge…


The artist is from the Congo

and had been commissioned to render a self portrait

but it was found to be too abstract.


So she swapped it for a camera

with some dumb Belgian.


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