Miguel is a 34 year old undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania studying English and Psychology in a quest to be forever broke. Originally from El Cerrito CA (a few miles north of Oakland), he has found himself living in various locations over the last decade, from Beirut, Lebanon to Washington D.C., but he now calls Philadelphia home.

He’s a lover of urban settings, gourmet hamburgers, intergalactic travel, graffiti, and of course poetry, especially when it doesn’t take itself too seriously… and has been told he makes a mean chili. In fact, there hasn’t been a chili cook off he’s entered that he hasn’t also won… The hotter the better. A sadist? Perhaps. He’s fascinated by the dark moments in life, the upheavals most people shun in their unending attempts to approach the light. He believes a healthy balance is key to surviving this chaotic universe.


Recent Posts

Blue Sky, Part II

They want a poem

about jazz music

as an understated triple clef, a hip

to trombones tapping that ash off

syncopated soft curves, because

that bared marrow crackling

of rap on the avenue

won’t sound right.


So speak the jangle of lawn chairs,

the rattle of revolvers locked in

broom closets, conducted by

passing car door speakers—

keeps an eye on the breath of children

over dark night. Having already

turnt the soil, the earthworms

into sour milk from that timbre

of slouch and high lark.


So when the skies feel parched

remind them of the Mayans

tossing human heads down temple steps

to the same beat that built the calendar


and a fire’s smoke

inventing zero.

mayan wayne

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